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The Valore Quintetto traces its roots to 1999 when they gave their first performance as mandolin quartet. All four members are from the mandolin orchestra "Ensemble Bianca Fiori",Tokyo. Appearing as the Valore Quintetto when guitarlist joined in 2003, they present chember concerts with a wide range of repertoire from mandolin original to classical and popular music.


1stCD PELOTA Dec, 2004
ギター五重奏曲第4番(ボッケリーニ) プレクトラム四重奏(ファルボ) 海の組曲(アマデイ) スペイン組曲(マンドニコ)

2ndCD Cappricios Dec, 2007
カプリチオス(平佐修) 組曲「田園写景」(ファルボ) 古譚(ジュディチ) チャルダス(チェルライ) ティペタラトゥペティ(マンドニコ)

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